4. Architectural Design For

Healthcare Facilities

Architectural Services: Our extensive experience enables us to design and construct modern healthcare infrastructure in accordance with international standards and modern design criteria, ensuring that plans and designs are compliant with patient and material flow requirements and facilitate efficient operational management while making the most of available resources. Our expertise covers a wide range of healthcare sectors, including multi-specialty hospitals, day surgery centres, out-patient and dental clinics, IVF centres, diagnostic centres, and pharmacies. We strive to create Concepts, Architectural Designing Services  that are in line with your vision and in line with the latest trends.

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Healthcare Interior Design

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Healthcare interior design is a rapidly growing area across the healthcare industry in UAE & worldwide.

Citadel has worked with multiple healthcare facilities namely General & Specialty Hospitals, Day Surgery Centers(Level A, B, MC, C), Polyclinics, Pharmacies,  Laboratories, Radiology Centers, to deliver interior design consultations & concepts.

Working alongside healthcare professionals, architects, and contractors from A to Z on these projects, Citadel covered plenty of design tips for combining aesthetics, general, Specialty and functionality healthcare projects to meet end-user needs in any healthcare environments.

interior design citadel services

Scope of

Services & Deliverables

Design Themes, Mood Board, Presentation of Material (General Finishes, Accessories, filling and Curtains where ever needed)

The interior design section shall describe the interior Precursory design and will include:
1. Project's brief and space allocation program
2. Preliminary Design Criteria
3. Outline specification of internal finishes and materials

1. Projects brief and space allocation programmed
2. Basic Design Criteria
3. Outline indication of internal finishes and materials
4. Concept Drawings & Layouts showing the interior design of the Facilities
5. Concept building sections and elevations to define the Project components and theinterior design character
6. Preliminary layouts for proposed furniture
7. Presentation Materials, as appropriate, to give a clear understanding of design intent
of the project. Mounted Interior Design colored drawings and perspective to a suitable scale shall be included
8.3D Visualizing

The Interior Design describes the interior details design and includes:
1. Large scale partial floor plans of complex areas of important buildingcomponents
2.Floor plan showing space allocation and furniture layouts
3. Longitudinal and transverse building sections showing floor to floorheights, ceiling heights and overall heights
4.Interior building elevations showing interior finishes, openings andfloor levels
5. Coloured interior perspectives to show the main areas and relations
6. Schedule of alternative (with recommendation) for building materials,interior finishes, ironmongery, methods of construction, etc.
7.FF&E selection and final control book (no BOQ and price estimate)

5. Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

(MEP) Design

Our experienced engineers possess a wealth of knowledge in the MEP sector, with a particular focus on healthcare-related projects. Our engineers possess a proven track-record of performing essential functions in the planning and design of complex healthcare projects in accordance with regulatory regulations. They have been instrumental in reducing the total cost of construction by incorporating value engineering exercises in pertinent areas. Their practical experience has enabled them to make informed decisions while delivering Architectural Services and Designs that have been proven to optimize healthcare facilities.

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Ours MEP service planning for healthcare facilities includes:

  • Electrical design services
  • ELV & Low current systems
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning systems (HVAC)
  • Plumbing & Drainage services
  • Fire detection & protection systems
  • LPG & SNG systems
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Integration of specialized healthcare services like patient infotainment into the MEP Designs
  • Integration of medical infrastructure services like medical gas system, nurse call system, BHUs,
    pendants into the MEP designs

All these services have to be specifically designed to suite the requirement of each facility in coordination with the overall building infrastructure, strictly in compliance with the national and international statutory requirements.

6. 3D Designs

 Citadel knows how important it is to use 3D Visualization  to create spaces that are both creative and practical, so that patients can get the best care possible in a space that looks great.

Modern designs are key when it comes to building a healthcare facility. We help to create a comfortable and efficient atmosphere.

We are a team of qualified architects inspired by the power of illustration in our field. With many years of experience and client requirements we achieved outstanding 3D visualization by integrating computer graphics.
Our goal is to transform the way architecture is viewed, designed and advertised, focused on raising investments and sell off plans. The use of cutting edge technology and 3D visualization tools help us to achieve excellent quality visuals that give architects and clients a chance to see how their project will look realistic.

Citadel provides professional visualizations that illustrate the design of future projects, providing a useful aid in presentation. These visualizations can be used for a variety of purposes, such as healthcare facilities, buildings, interior design, and products. The rendering software used by Citadel is designed to save time and money.

7. Medical Equipment

Planning & Procurement

Our team of highly skilled biomedical engineers and healthcare professionals with extensive practical experience provide comprehensive Medical Equipment Planning solutions that are informed by the most up-to-date scientific research and technology. Our Medical Equipment Planning and Procurement schedules are tailored to meet the needs of end-users, the most advanced technology, and functional requirements. The project results are guaranteed to convey comprehensive selection and procurement of medical equipment, as well as site preparation, installation, and commissioning.

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8. Medical


Citadel is an industry-leading health management firm that specializes in the design and upkeep of medical facilities. Through their creative design approach, they guarantee that healthcare facilities are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, creating a positive atmosphere for both patients and personnel.

9. Room Data Sheets


Room Data Sheets provide a comprehensive overview of the finishing, fixtures, fittings, mechanical, and electrical requirements that must be met for each room or area in Hospital projects, day surgical centres, clinics, radiology centres, laboratories, etc.
The Room Data Sheets are indicative of the briefing requirements for each room type. Some of the sheets offer allocation plan for certain elements, equipments and materials. In the event that an external document mentions these RDS’s without specifying the options, then the default options will be used.

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