1. Healthcare Facility

Licensing Services

We are CITADEL Healthcare consultants, and we’re here to build a bright  future! We are Pre-Qualified DHA Consultant. Citadel provides fast-track services for healthcare licensing services and regulatory services to help you set up your new health care facilities. Citadel have a track record of success and a strong growth plan, and we have years of experience working with healthcare clients. Our services include Health Facility Licensing,  FANR Approvals, and Professional Licensing. Not only do we help you get your health authorities licenses, but our teams have expertise in facility planning, engineering planning, recruiting medical professionals, buying medical equipment, healthcare management, and making the whole setup process easier.



Citadel health facility licensing Services

Set Up Your New Health Care Facility

Are you looking to establish General & Specialty Hospital, Day Surgery Center, Polyclinic under the Dubai Health Authority(DHA),Ministry of Health (MOH) , Department of Health (DOH) and require the approval from the health authorities?

Allow our team to complete the entire process and complete the healthcare licensing process to initiate your medical facility efficiently.

2. Professional

Licensing Services

Citadel team can provide you with information on licensing requirements for different healthcare facilities and support you to expedite the procedures with health authorities to ensure completion of the services within the targeted time frame set by the health facility management.

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If you’re a healthcare professional looking for a convenient and efficient way to get licensed, we’ve got you covered!

We offer FANR Approval Services, which streamlines the process so you can focus on what you do best – Providing Quality Healthcare.

FANR Approval For All Health Care Facilities

As part of our healthcare facilities assistance, we streamline the process for obtaining FANR approval to carry out treatment and diagnostic operations through x-ray equipment.  We will manage all the registration processes, the facility’s application requirements, and manage the necessary inspections requests to ensure timely FANR licensing and to be adequately prepared for any onsite visits by the Dubai municipality’s health authority.

  • Onsite Visit and Consultation
  • Layout Planning and Drawing (radiology sections)
  • Preparation of Radiation Risk Assessment report
  • Preparation of technical lead sheet drawings and installation
  • Quality Control test and report arrangement
  • Preparing Radiation Protection Safety Program
  • Application for a license to conduct Regulated activity using Regulated Materials
  • Submission of Application in Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR)
  • Transfer of FANR from manufacturer to the owner
  • Disbursement of Payment
  • Registration of the machine in FANR / Issuing the Reference number for FANR
  • Inspection Visit.
  • Issuance of FANR Registration Certificate
  • Issuance of FANR license
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