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Quality healthcare services citadel
Quality Healthcare Services citadel

How We Are Implementing Quality Management

From Scratch

01 Commit to legislation and regulatory status to support the effectiveness of policy and strategy by:

  • Establishing guidelines, protocols, and standards for service delivery.
  • Requiring certification and licensing of health professionals using standards and guidelines
  • And using accreditation measures to make sure facilities and providers are delivering a minimum quality of service

02 Establish well-designed health information and monitoring and evaluation systems ,that collect and publish data on quality health systems, as well as external assessment through peer review and accreditation.

03 Develop mechanisms to ensure that accreditation, licensing and standards of care are met across public and private sectors.

04 Provides auditing support including

  • Gap analysis and assessment
  • Internal audits

05 Developing long term strategies to ensure continuous improvement in services

06 External accreditation of health services is one approach taken by many countries to disseminate national standards and maintain public accountability

07 Establishing key performance indicator (KPI )

08 Coordinate quality system with national and/or local government to ensure valid standards, reliable assessments, consumer involvement, demonstrable improvement, transparency, and public access to quality criteria, procedures, and results

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Health Care Quality Control

Accreditation Certificate Services

The accreditation program is designed to support the development and continual improvement of healthcare quality and patient safety in health care organizations

  • ISO Accreditation Certificate Services 
  • CAP Accreditation Certificate Services 
  • JCIA Accreditation Certificate Services 

Benefits of

Accreditation Program

01 Improve patient’s health and safety

02 Improve the organizational reputation and provide a frame work to implement systems and processes that improve operational effectiveness and advance positive outcomes

03 Sustain improvement in quality and organizational performance

04 Promote the sharing of policies, procedures, and best practices among healthcare organization

05 Decrease liability costs; identify areas for additional funding of healthcare organizations; and provide a platform for negotiating the funding.

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