Health Management

Consultancy L.L.C

The Citadel team is equipped to provide you with the necessary information regarding the licensing requirements for various healthcare facilities and to assist you in expediting the procedures with the relevant health authorities to guarantee that the services are completed within the specified timeframe set by the healthcare facility management.

Citadel’s mission is to build a prosperous future for the health care sector. We are a pre-qualified DHA consultant, offering accelerated services and healthcare regulation to assist you in the establishment of your new healthcare facilities. With a proven track record and a well-defined growth strategy, we have extensive experience in providing healthcare services to our clients.

Our Group is known for Comprehensive services, including Health facility licensing, FANR licensing, and Professional licensing. Our teams are well-versed in facility and engineering planning, medical recruitment, medical equipment procurement, healthcare management and the entire setup process.



Citadel health management consultancy group

The Leading Company Providing Fast Tracking Services & Healthcare Regulatory in Dubai, UAE & Overseas.

Architectural Design

Consultancy L.L.C

Citadel Health management team has extensive experience which assistsĀ  to design and build state-of-the-art healthcare infrastructure in line with international standards and current design criteria, ensuring plans and designs meet patient and material flow needs and enable efficient operational management while maximising resource efficiency.

We have extensive experience in a variety of healthcare sectors, such as: Multi-specialty hospitals, Day surgery centres, Outpatient and dental clinics,
IVF centres, Diagnostic centres, Pharmacies. We are committed to creating concepts and designs that match your vision and are in line with current trends. Our experienced engineers have extensive experience in the MEP sector with a strong focus on healthcare related projects. Our engineers have a proven history of performing critical functions in planning and designing complex healthcare projects in compliance with regulatory regulations.

We understand the importance of using 3D Visualization to create creative and practical spaces that allow patients to receive the best care possible while looking great. We understand the importance of modern designs when constructing a healthcare facility.

Outlet Interior

Decoration L.L.C

At Citadel Outlet Interior, we are one of the most trusted healthcare, residential and commercial projects interior design companies in Dubai and Overseas. We are game-changers in the field of interior designing, execution of healthcare facilities and residential interior solutions.

From new developments in luxury hospitals and day surgery centers, to clinics and Radiology centers and laboratories, to villas, residential and commercial buildings, we are here to create eye-catching designs and 3D modelling including the design of MEP systems. Our innovative spirit is reflected in our globally renowned brands.

We are experts in making healthcare facility design the leading international interior designing company and successfully completed world-class projects across the Middle East. Our Team transforms ordinary residential healthcare spaces into luxury facilities, ordinary centers into luxury, comfort and magnificent health facility center. Our group is expert in creating beautiful and inspiring workspaces for healthcare facility centers of all sizes. To create a unique and modern, stylish and ergonomic design that will bring your dreams to life is our aim. With our wide range of services, you can get all you need from one source.

Facility Management

Consultancy L.L.C

Citadel Facility management is a top-tier healthcare company that specializes in providing exceptional support for medical facilities. We have a team of experienced professionals who specialize in providing facility management solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of healthcare organizations.

We acknowledge the importance of healthcare facilities in providing quality care. Our group brings together years of industry experience and a dedication to excellence to make sure every part of your facility is managed expertly. When you partner with Citadel Facility Management, you can count on us to provide comprehensive, innovative solutions that will optimize operational efficiency, enhance patient experiences, and help you achieve your goals. Our goal is to create a world where healthcare professionals can flourish, patients can thrive, and organizations can thrive.

Facility Management group of Citadel isĀ  committed to transforming the way healthcare facilities are managed and helping to create a better future for everyone.
Join us in this journey as we shape the future of healthcare facility management together.

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